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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The white stuff.......

Well SNOW is all over the news....i tell you this country comes to a grinding halt as soon as the stuff hits the floor! English people panic wayyyo much!

I wasn't able to write yesterday, my Internet was playing up......

Yesterday i went to my friends and had a good old gossip :-)

Had a really good chat with my Auntie yesterday, really helped me with the way I'm feeling, you know when you talk to someone and everything they say makes sense, that's her!

Cant believe how much i have got to do before we go on holiday, i leave EVERYTHING to the last minute.......I'll do it though!

The news is now saying that the airport is being opened and closed throughout the day, to clear the snow off the better be open on Sunday!

I wonder what the airports in Canada do? I bet they don't shut!!! Manchester/Liverpool etc need to be more well equipped!

Well today is the 6th it the day the Christmas decorations come down, i have stuck to the exact day, I'm not jinxing my luck for this year, Lol.

I hate taking the Decs down, AND I've gotta do my mums as well!! 2 Christmas trees!

Think i might just throw them both in the loft with them still dressed ha! Ready for next year!

So, i wonder if my mum is enjoying Bangkok? I bet she is! She flies to Phuket either today or tommorow, which then turns into the beach part of the holiday!

Can't believe i missed her call......well, it was at 1 am this morning! lol!

Jeremy Kyle has just come on the TV. God i hate this program its full of Scruffs! Turn OVER!!

Well i better go and get in the FREEZING cold shower (not my choice the boiler in this house is crap!)

Seeya'll later.................xoxo

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Happy, happy, happy!!!