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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The big move...........

Tomorrow is the day!! We are more or less all packed, i cannot believe we have filled 8 black bin liners just of junk, clothes we don't want and general crap!!!
We now finally have all the money together £900 just to move house. ouch! We cant wait to get the keys tomorrow.
There's a saying ''Friday flit, short sit'' So were not moving in until Saturday :-)
I went to town yesterday (how I'm so proud to be from Rochdale) There is sooo many rough people in that town, and kids with kids as i like to say. I was supposed to be getting my tattoo done yesterday, but i bottled it ha, so i think I'm gonna try again tomorrow :-)

Went to the doctors this morning for my post natal check-up, well if that's what you call it, he didn't do much, just asked me about counseling, I'm sure people have told me they're supposed to feel your tummy to see if everything has gone into place, I'm so shy though i don't think to open my mouth and ask.......and i don't think everything has gone back to where it should be, i know this sounds silly, but the other day i tried doing some sit-ups, my god i couldn't even get up my muscles in my tummy are sooo not strong, which is why i think somethings not right. Hmmmm maybe ill go back and see a lady doctor.......?

One thing I'm dying to know.....and that's if that midwife is still working as a midwife......cause i know, I'm a care assistant and if i did/or didn't do something which resulted in a persons death, then for sure i would be hung, drawn and quartered and most definitely sacked!!! So I'm wondering what has happened to her!

Im wondering, what the hell is going on with Amazon?! I ordered about 6 books last Tuesday, and they're still not here!! They better get a move on...........

Well i hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow, Adios Rooley Street!

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Happy, happy, happy!!!

Happy, happy, happy!!!