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Monday, 25 January 2010

Admitting defeat.......

Today went so so well, the consultant actually admitted the NHS were in the wrong.......Finally!

He said if he'd of known about me, he would of had me sectioned straight away, so what does that say?

I only have 2 questions left now...........

  • Why didnt the ''midwife'' send me up to A.N.D.U???

  • Has anything been done about the silly midwife?

The main question he answered today and the one i was mostly dreading is I CAN HAVE MORE CHILDREN!!!! God it was like a big weight lifted when he told me, i could of kissed him! He also said the ''young girls'' (as thats what i am) tend to deal with greif alot quicker than older ladies, and in a weird sort of way, i do think its true, my bad days have got less and less and my good days really are good, not cause i dont care as much as a ''older lady'' cause i do, even though i say i feel alot better it still breaks my heart that my beautiful baby boy isn't here!

I have so much to look forward to, that is what keeps me going, i have the best family i could ask for my mum has been an absolute rock, and then theres Scott, he deals with it in a very different way than i do, but he has been the perfect man! I love him so so much.

Tonight i have tried contacting SANDS with not much luck, i want to know where my local group is, and the website is as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

I just want to say a big GOOD LUCK to baby Deacon for his op tomorrow.

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Happy, happy, happy!!!

Happy, happy, happy!!!