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Saturday, 30 January 2010

New beginnings......

Well, were finally here, here in our new house! I love it, I'm sat nice and warm in front of the fire (rarity)

What a performance today has all started at 10am, Rob came with the Lorry.....we well i say we i mean Scott and Rob put everything in the lorry :) Then they spent half an hour trying to get the sofa's through the front door, god it was hard......Scott thinks he broke his finger, but refuses to go to A&E but ill get him there tomorrow......then we made about 10,000 trip to and from the old house to the new one! And its nearly all done, all is left to do is to plumb the washer in and build a Small wardrobe for the other bedroom.......everything else is done! Yeyyaa!!

Now i want a kitten....bu Scott is not giving in, he says he hates them, but i really want one, they are very independent so wouldn't need taking for walks or anything, so i think ill just get one from the RSPCA and tell him i found it on the street :) sly, but it will work! i hope, ha!

So now i need pictures, pictures for the walls, they look empty! So I'm gonna get one of me and Scott blown up, and iv seen a black and whit NYC one with 2 yellow cabs on it, and also seen a absolutely beautiful Audrey Hepburn one, she looks amazziing on it! But will that look OK in the front room?! Hmmm, if not ill put it on the stairs! :) I'm having it either way!

So were going shopping tomorrow, picture shopping & food shopping!

Blog soon


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Happy, happy, happy!!!

Happy, happy, happy!!!