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Thursday, 7 January 2010

3 days to go.....

Well there is only 3 days untill my holiday, i sooo cannot wait! Eeeaaa!

Today im staying in, the health visitor is coming round, to refer me for counciling. Hmmm some people say they wouldnt like to talk about their problems to a stranger but i think it will do me good. The health visitor also said she was going to find out if their is a local SANDS group i could go to.
Got so many things to look forward to, when i come back off holiday me and my friend Joanne are joining SLIMMING WORLD, cant wait! I will loose this weight!
Then we have gotta pack all our stuff up to move, i really need some boxes! Cant wait for Scott pack his ''shit cupboard'' up, haha!

I'm really missing my mum at the moment, feels weird her not being at the end of the phone!
But iv got Scott and my friends to talk to so im sure ill be ok :-)

Roll on the 10th, im so sick of being known as ''that girl who lost her baby'' i cant wait to go somewhere where nobody knows me! I hate it when im talking to someone and i know all their thinking is ''poor cow''

Me and Scott are doing so well at the moment though......we both make each other strong! Although he doesnt talk much about Finley, i think it must be a bloke thing! He says he doesnt want me to worry about him cause im dealing with so much else, but sometimes i wish he would talk, sometimes i feel angry and i shout at him for forgetting about Finley, but i know he will never forget about him, he just deals with grief different to me.....but the last few days we have talked loads and its been great, i love talking about my boy and how he is in a better place, watching down on me and Scott.
My angel.

Well Facebook calls haha.
Bye for now............

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Happy, happy, happy!!!

Happy, happy, happy!!!