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Friday, 8 January 2010

Dont you just love professionals?

Well, the health visitor came round yesterday, with not much information really, so I'm back to square one on the SANDS group front, so anyone with any information on a local SANDS group i would really appreciate it. But she is referring me to a councilor so that's something.....

Feeling a little bit shitty today, having one of my ''bad days''
The good days make the bad days feel so much worse! I really cannot wait to go to our appointment with the consultant on the 25th, i need some answers, i need reassurance that i can carry a child again and i need that bitch to stand in front of me and tell me she made a judgement and it was WRONG!
I'm sending off for my medical records today, can you believe i have to pay to see my own records......but it will be better than the hospital miraculously loosing them!

So iv been thinking loads about going back to work, i cant wait, i need a bit of normality back in my life. I think being around the girls at work will help me loads.

Well the snow seems to have stopped for now, i just hope it doesn't come again before Sunday.
God i'm missing my mum soo much.

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Happy, happy, happy!!!

Happy, happy, happy!!!