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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Back to reality........

Well, we're back!

And my god its so bloody cold! We had such an amazing time, really relaxed and spent time together, just what we needed!

Sharm el Shaikh is just basically Sand, but we loved it, hotel was a tad shite but we made the most of it.

Hmmm, Tan = None existant! It was so hot i burnt really bad and then had to stay out of the sun :-( Not good! We met some really lovely people.

When you suffer a tragedy people say ''go on holiday, i will do you the world of good'', hmmm it did, but i just found i took my grief with me, the best part was to talk to people and walk down the street and not be known as ''the couple who lost their baby'' nobody knew anything they treated us like a young couple, we laughed and for the first time i didn't feel guilty for laughing!

I have now accepted that Finley will NOT blame me, and he loves me just as much as i love him!

It really was bliss!

The flight = The worse thing i have EVER experienced in my entire life! The turbulence was surreal i was so scared, the seat belt signs were on for a full 6 hours!! But my old friend ''the wine'' calmed me right down! Ha!

So my mum is back tomorrow and i cannot wait it feels like its been 16 months not 16 days, since i saw her! Wonder what gifts I've got from Thailand?!?! Ha!

As i write this Man City and Man Utd are playing, 2-1 to City! :-) I love Carlos Tevez!!

Scott's rather quiet, wonder why??? ha!

So the moving date is coming closer and closer, we're defo gonna have to start packing our things up, rapid! I cannot wait to get out of this house!

I've got so many hings to look forward to, I'm really excited for the future, one thing I'm dreading though is the appointment we have on Monday with the Consultant at Rochdale Infirmary! I somehow feel as though i have got a bit of closure, maybe it was the Holiday maybe it was that great saying'' time is a great healer'' I'm not sure! But i know that going over everything again is not going to be the best, i just hope the Consultant has some answers for us.

We went to Ikea yesterday my god what a performance that was, Scott and Ikea do Not mix! He huffed and puffed all the bloody way round! But i know have most of my Kitchenware for the new house.

Back to work soon, in a way i cant wait and in another i can, i want to get a bit of normality back in my life but yet i don't feel ready for everyone asking the in's and out's.

Well, I'm off to bed now.

Blueeeee Mooooonnnn!!!!!!!!! :-)

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Happy, happy, happy!!!