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Saturday, 2 January 2010

2010 is my year.....

Well, its now the 2nd January 2010, and my god i just know its gonna be a better year than last. NYE went really well and i must say i actually enjoyed the night, spending time with my family and welcoming the New Year with open arms.

We had a lovely meal....a few (to many) drinks, and a chat.

So its now 8 days untill Egypt and im soo not ready, i have no toiletries or anything!

Think i'll be visiting ASDA later.......and i'll pack my suitcase later in the week, im so unorginised!

This year has so many exciting things to look forward to, which are:

  • Holiday, firstly Egypt and then defo some nice summer sun.

  • Moving into our gorgeous new house.

  • Having a messy house party :-)

  • LOTS of nights out with my girls and of course my boy.

  • A BIG Valentines day/night.

  • Mine and Scott 2nd year anniversarry.

  • My 22nd birthday.

  • Loosing all my baby weight.

  • And much more.........

I cannot believe the weather outside, its like a snow blizzard, it's coming down thick and fast and although i do love it, im getting bored of having wet feet, ruined boots and cold hands!

So...i've got a month left of being a 'lady of leisure', im definatly going back to work next month, sitting at home is driving me mad, and lets face it their only so many people you can visit!

Well i think ill start my day and move my arse of this sofa..............

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Happy, happy, happy!!!

Happy, happy, happy!!!