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Monday, 4 January 2010


Well the Christmas and New Year season is now officially over.....and everyone's back to work! Apart from me, and my mum and step dad, their off to Thailand this afternoon!

Me and Scott are taking them to the airport at 3pm!

Well i can say that i ACTUALLY hate this weather, i got in the shower this morning and it kept shooting cold water out of it! I sounded like a wild/screaming banchi! I'm gonna get ready do my hair and stuff, then go and see my friend!

The snow is still here, apparently its here till Feb!!!!

Well i did all my packing last night, how good am i?

Just a few more bits to buy and pack.......

Yesterday was good, we went to buy yet more shorts for Scott, he must have at least 15 pairs, were only going for 7 days! ha! And then we went to the Pub!

I was amazed how many people talk to me.......must feel sorry for me eh! God i hate sympathy, but yet i want everyone to be nice to me cause I'm Sooo sensitive. Everybody gives me that ''poor cow'' smile, and the talks amongst themselves........

Scott's gone back to work today, its not likely he'll be doing much cause the course is full of bloody snow, so his day will probably involve have a few hours sleep in the shed and then watching all the children sledge! And he gets paid for that!!

Anyway i better do my back later!

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Happy, happy, happy!!!

Happy, happy, happy!!!