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Friday, 6 August 2010

Time to stop.....

So its 9 days from my 22nd birthday, i cannot actually believe a year has gone by since my 21st, this time last year i was so happy, i was expecting my first baby and my life was going exactly where i wanted it to. Now 12 months on, i have been pregnant twice and lost both babies, i think its time to stop trying (for at least a few years anyhow) So here i am trying to rebuild my life with no thought of babies, hospitals or death. I feel................relaxed! I feel as though i can get on with my life, i can pursue new ventures, look for that dream job and concentrate on being with my perfect man.
I also got a new addition to my little family, my new beautiful doggy Fuddles :) She's a cocker spaniel and she is so cute. Me and Scott have both said we have tried our hand at children, that FAILED, so now its time to try dogs. Ha.

So iv been off work for 2 weeks now, i was so exhausted with everything with being pregnant and all that goes with it. So its my first day back tomorrow, not that i am looking forward to it. I think its defiantly time to move on in my career, iv been there for nearly 3 years and my passion is slowly starting to fade. I mean don't get me wrong i really love my job, i love what i do and i love making a difference to peoples lives. I like the job satisfaction but that has gone, i feel unappreciated and i get spoken to the way somebody would speak to a dog!
So i think its time to go, i think its time to find something new, something that excites me and something i am going to get satisfaction from. Hmmmmmmm......but what though?

So its like 8 weeks from my holiday, wow i cannot wait! Get me on that beach baby, sipping cocktails with my boo. I think i am defo gonna have to pay a few visits to the sunbed salon before we go, I'm so WHITE! Not the best look for a beach babe haha. Iv still got loads of shopping to do, iv not bought a thing.

Summer this year has just been non existent. I am right now sat at home, on August 6th with THE FIRE ON! Yes I'm so cold and outside its grey, cold and rainy! That's our summer. Not that I'm complaining, i actually hate the English heat, its so sticky and clammy. Just ughhhh!

Well I'm off to the pictures with my mum today, gonna have a Nice girly day :)

See y'all soon. xoxo

Happy, happy, happy!!!

Happy, happy, happy!!!