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Monday, 15 February 2010

Valentines day 2010

Where to was Valentines day yesterday and i had a lovely day with the love of my life (how cheesy hahaha) Loved my presents of him, he's so thoughtful :)

The weekend with Bella ended quite quickly and its made me want a dog.....iv got no chance of getting a kitten so ill have the next best thing! ha! Iv seen a dog at Bleakholt animal sanctuary its a pug crossed with a caviler king Charles called Basil....he's gorgeous! Trip to Bleakholt soon me thinks!

Scott's ex is back on the scene, well not on the scene but her friend has been trying to fish for gossip! I mean it been over 2 years since he left you! Get a grip, bunny boiler! Apparently she said she's sorry for my loss and hopes were both OK, ha what a fucking laugh! I hate you, you hate me, now jog onnnn!!! Some women just cant accept a fact can they i mean i understand the stalker routine, we've all done that, when i was 17 like.....but she's 23 and had another relationship since Scott!! Come on girl.........

Ooooooo BIG news.....We have kinda set a date for our wedding! Yeyyyaa! So happy, we're so excited, just been phoning around looking for a venue for the reception today.

So my health visitor came today (i actually forgot she was coming! ha!) She's such a lovely woman.....everything she says just makes sense, maybe its her job that's taught her how to act what to say etc! The sad news is their is NO bereavement counseling anymore as the NHS wouldn't fund it...surprise surprise! I told her all the details and she defiantly thinks we have got a good case with suing the trust! What worries me though is if i do sue the trust, in my next pregnancy will Rochdale look after me???? Hmmmm maybe i should ask my consultant next time i see him!

God am i craving carbs......I'm on this strict diet...but i don't follow it at weekend so a Monday is hell for me! I mean i don't eat crap at weekend just allow myself a few treats :) Especially THIS weekend.....being Vday yesterday me and Scott more or less polished of a full box of Milk Tray.....greed, just pure bloody greed!! haha!

It's like 23:30 and i am STARVING!! I'm not giving in to food though.....i will loose all this weight so i can have another baby. That's my goal - Loose extra weight = start trying for a baby :)

I had a chat today with one of my old friends from school....such a inspiring lady/girl/woman (whatever a 21-22yr old is! ha!) She has been through so much...and now i wish her all the luck in the world! ;) She told me about a spiritualist she has been to see.....i have thought about going, but I'm scared of what they will tell me, but I'm sure there not allowed to tell you anything bad? Right? I don't know yet, ill have to have a think about it.....

I feel so much better after seeing Carole the health visitor today.....she is going to arrange a meeting well not a meeting but for one of the midwifes who looked after me during my pregnancy and i mean she actually looked after me, i mean she was brill - so she is going to arrange for J to come round to my house to have a chat about my next pregnancy....cause i am a little apprehensive......

Anyways Crossroads has just come on TV and i love Brittney hehe!

Blog soon


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Happy, happy, happy!!!