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Friday, 19 February 2010

Slow starter....

Well i have just been browsing my profile and i have just realised i have a whopping amazing 3 followers!!! Great...haha! May as well just say ''NO FRIENDS!'' Haha!
What a bad night i had, up at 2am until 6am, then back to sleep at 7am and woke up at 10am! I really need to go to the doctors to find out what this pain is i get in my back, the doctors just do not seem to know...i have had a scan, which lead to a big fat Nothing, i have even had an Endoscopy and that didn't show anything either! But they really need to find out what it is....strange thing is, i get it every other day and when i was pregnant i didn't get it once!! Weird!!

TGIF anyway! The weekend is finally upon us :) And its GYM time, woooo! Were defo going tomorrow,cant wait! Think we'll get a DVD tomorrow night, I'm lost without my X Factor, haha!

I phoned up the NHS records department and asked where the hell my records are seen as iv been waiting since December....they will get here next week, thank god!
I also phoned my consultants Secretary and made an appointment with the consultant for March and she said by the time my appointment comes Finley's post-mortem results should most defiantly be back!! 2 bits of good news....i cant actually believe how long these results are taking....i mean it has been 3 months to the day god 3 months! It seems like it was a million years ago!
Iv come such a long way though in those 3 months...i feel like i grown as a person, iv grown into a strong (nothing bothers me) person.
I am friends with a few ladies/girls on FB and i tell you materialistic is NOT the word, all there worries are shoes, clothes, holidays, make-up, etc.....i wish my life could revolve around that....instead i worry about finding a spot on my face in case its the big C i worry about going to sleep at night and not waking up.....i worry about when the hell i am gonna be able to try for another baby....i have so much anxiety. I even worry about getting Autism with me just having had my MMR vaccine! I know its all silly, but that's just how it is, i asked the health visitor and she said its perfectly normal...i think when you have experienced first hand a life being snatched away so quick, you value your own so so much more!!
However the anxiety has got less and i dont panic as much as i did which is good.

Looking forward to relaxing with my boy this weekend........and finding out tonight ''Who killed Archie Mitchell'' hahaha, saddo!


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Happy, happy, happy!!!