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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Elesha & Scott day :)

Well me and Scott have agreed today is Elesha & Scott day, were too cute i tell is like a double Valentines day....we relaxed in bed till like noon, then got ourselves pampered and ready.....and now were sat on the sofa relaxing, while i blog and Scott watches FOOTBALL!! ugh!

So were going for a meal soon, then were gonna walk the doggy's and then watch a movie :) I love Elesha & Scott days!!

We had a massive talk last night and i finally got Scott to open up to me, about EVERYTHING! I feel so much better now i know he's not got a ''swinging brick'' for a heart!

We've been talking about our house and we've agreed that if the jobs that NEED doing are not done they ain't getting the friggin rent! ha! I'm sure they will do the jobs when they've got no money!

I am finally having my hair done tomorrow :) Anyone would think is been year not 7 weeks! ha!
Think I'm going to more blonde this time, I'm bored of being brunette and they do say that blondes have more fun! So think that's the way forward! :)

Cant believe we well i say we i mean i have been talked into having a sunbed......well i suppose we have got enough room for it....He's like a woman, he loves the beds!
So that's where my tan is going to be coming from for the foreseeable future, until Scott gets his arse in gear and books us a bloody holiday :) I'm not sure where i fancy going....i know i certainly wont be going to NYC (which is where i want to go) Scott hates America and the Americans :(
How can anybody hate NYC?? As Alicia Keys says New York....Concrete jungle where dreams are made of....that is too true!!!

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Happy, happy, happy!!!