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Monday, 8 February 2010

Loosing the weight!

I am so proud of my self this week......since 14th December i have loast 2 stone!!! Yeyyyyaa!

I start slimming world tomorrow, and im really excited to start loosing more weight and get healthy......and then we can start trying for a baby :)

Been quite a busy weekend really! We had our house warming on god i was soo soo drunk, i am never drinking wine with nothing on my stomach AGAIN! I was sick EVERYWHERE, not a good look.

I looked at Finley's pictures the other day too, it really upset me, cause he's not here but it did bring me peace...he is sooo beautiful and just looks like me :) I am glad i have fianlly looked though cause i still felt like i was waiting....still pregnant in a weird way, but now its like closure, i have seen my boy and he is beautiful!

Oooooo i nearly forgot, i had my tattoo :) i didnt think id brave it but iv done it! People who say ''they dont hurt'' are talking wet, cause they do hurt, its just a bearable pain....i love it!

Its Scott's name in Arabic!

People have said what if you split up, im gonna have his name on me for life...the truth is, i dont ever wanna forget Scott, even if we do split he will always be Finley's daddy and we've been through so much together, he is kinda part of me growing up.

People have also said what you gonna do when you get old? And the tattoo is their on your wrist when your 80yr old, well the truth is i might not get old! So why not...iv seen how quikly a life can be snatched away so why not live each day as it comes dont think about the future think about today...its called today/now for a reason!
Ciao for now......

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Happy, happy, happy!!!

Happy, happy, happy!!!