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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Working girl (in the right context)

Well my weekend was perfect! I went shopping on Saturday and got some gorgeous sandles from Primark! Gotta love Primarni haha! On Saturday we went to The Crimble, i had such a good night, and i actually felt comfortable in my own self, which is a big change from what i usually feel. I am so happy with all the weight i have lost, i can so see a difference! Sunday we realxed all day at home, love lazy Sunday's!

On Monday we had an appointment with the Consultant, im sure he thinks i come down with the last shower....he was more interested in talking about trivial other things such as his friends in Scotland, and how they ''got over'' the birth of their sleeping baby! I mean yes my heart goes out to each and every parent who has had to go through this horrible ordeal, but when i go and see my consultant i want hm to talk about me & my baby. But that was sure not on the cards! I had pre-eclampsia and every single organ in Finley's tiny body were normal/ to me that says it was the pre-eclampsia, but no.....he was like 'ummmmm, maybe it was that'' WTF Obviously it was that you plank!! Amazing what people say to try and avoid accepting responsibilty! He then told me not to brood over ''this'' and that when his Mother got breast cancer and he was so mad with the hospital for not diagnosing earlier, but eventually he had to let it go cause the stress was making him ill. I told him i will never give up, i will fight to the end of the earth to get answers for my boy! On the upside he is a fantastic surgeon and will be happy for him to deliver my next baby, he just is crap at speaking to people!

My first day back at work - I LOVED IT! Never thought id say that, but i  really did, it felt so good to feel normal again, my day went really well and really quick considering it was a 12 hour shift. I got upset half way through the day as a few of the residents relatives caame in and were so happy to see me back and were asking how my baby is and how old he is now :( Made me cry but with the help of the girls i felt better after.
So today i am relaxing and not moving off the sofa! :)

Blog soon

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Happy, happy, happy!!!

Happy, happy, happy!!!