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Friday, 9 April 2010

1 Step forward, 3 steps back!

Wow, it seems forever ago since i last blogged. Not many things have happend since my last blog......... we have started the ball rolling on the legal side of this horrible experience, so thats something. I had a bit of a moment last night, where this rush of guilt came over me, i realised i hadnt felt sad for about a week, and i felt guilty for that, what are you supposed to feel?? I really do not know. Whatever feeling i get doesnt seem to be right, when i laugh i feel guilty and when i cry i feel weak!
We had out Health visitor come round the other dya she went through my medical records, and told us not once has the midwife wrote down that i had swealing!!!!!!!! ANGRY!! I mean i told her on EVERY routine midwife visit. Also the consultant hasn't put every single note in the records, there are no blood test results! This to me shows that they are covering something up?! Maybe not, but thats my opinion!

Work time soon (scared) This Wednesday i am on an 8am-8pm shift!! Talk about throwing me in a the deep end! But i suppose once iv done one, ill be ok, i hope so anyway!
So iv got a good weekend this weekend its our friends birthday on Saturday so we're going for a meal and a few drinks with them in Bamford (the false part of Rochdale, ha!) So i've got new clothes and i got the sexiest shoes EVER!! They're stunning! Im having a spray tan tonight and iv exfoliated, body buffed and done my nails frenchy! Love it! Im not sure how to have my hair though im sick of being boring and just having it straight and down, im thinking big, curly and bouncy!! Hmmmm....not sure yet!
How i would love my hair to be my only worry eh! I wish!

The perfect house turned into be our yet another bit of bad luck! We've got 3 viewings for other houses on Tuesday, so i hope i like one of them! We neeeeddd to get outta this one FAST! I mean i love the house, there is just too many faults i mean we've had not heating since the second week in Feb!!!! Hey - we've saved alot of money with not paying the rent though! ha!

Well, facebook calls and im gonna phone my boy and see how his day is going so far, he wont be finished till 6pm (he works bloody hard for us) :)
Blog soon

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Happy, happy, happy!!!

Happy, happy, happy!!!