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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Questions, maybe's & what if's!

Well i have been very anxious lately, i seem to be scared of anything and everything! I think with what i have been through these feelings i have a relatively normal!

We went to see the consultant again on Monday, what a bloody waste if time that was! He told me to Move on....hmmm not quite sure how to do that, maybe ill learn how to live with it but i don't think i will ever move on, is it even possible?
I have so many questions and now have been put in the right direction to make a complaint and take things further! So we will most definitely be in the process of doing that very soon. I asked where Finley's PM results are and also where the results are from my placenta being tested....i was told ''i don't know'' Nice! The main consultant in Rochdale and he doesn't bloody know! So were still waiting and it feels like we probably be waiting for ever more!

Motivation = Nonexistent, i seem to have no motivation what so ever lately, i mean i wanna loose weight more than anything cause when iv done that i can start trying for a baby, well i say i, i mean we! So I'm taking my step dad to the gym with me on Sunday to show me properly what machines to use.......and to TRY and make it more fun! :)
It's mothers day on Sunday and I'm looking forward to it in one way but really don't want it to come in would of been my first mothers day with Finley :( God, how i wish things were different!

R.I.P Finley.....i love you always and forever!

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  1. Awh swtie... uve had a hard time and that consultant sounds like a gerk!!

    As for weight make sure u doblots of cardio to start, running etc... classes would be best for you, because the hour goes so fast, you really push yourself and there fun. And boy do u burn calories and tone.

    Also try hrinking ur stomach... kellogs doet works really well for that. good lucks


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Happy, happy, happy!!!