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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

First time for everything..........

Well this is my first time as a ''blogger''

Its now a day before the biggest social event all year, tommorrow will be New Years Eve!

Well.....what a few weeks it has been........recently experienced the biggest heartache in the world.

My son Finley Crane-Greaves was born sleeping on the 28/11/09.

I'm having good days and bad days at the moment, its still very very raw! But have lots of support from family and friends and especially my amazing man Scott.

2010 is a new year and a new start and what better thing to do than start an online blog...........

So, like i said NYE is tommorrow, not doing much just having a meal at home with the fam and the boy!

Then comes the good stuff, January is definatly my, new house and im hoping the first night out with my girls in nearly 12 months! Ouch! That's gonna be messy!

Roll on 10/01/10 - First holiday with my boy, Egypt here we come. Lots of relaxation, lots of sun and lots of quality time for me and Scott. (We definatly need it)

Then......28/01/10 - Moving into our gorgeous new house, i really do love it! Although their is one glitch, its in spitting distance from the in-laws!!! Window blinds are being ordered asap!! ha!!

So as you can see i have a few good things to look forward to.

I'll keep you posted as i have lots if not too much time on my hands (still on Mat leave from work)

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Happy, happy, happy!!!

Happy, happy, happy!!!